SmartCelle Technology


Location sensitive smart micelles for the delivery of highly insoluble drugs

  • SmartCelleTMtechnology comprising PPI’s proprietary amphiphilic block copolymers can entrap a wide range of water insoluble drugs [1] within their hydrophobic cores to generate dynamic nanostructures sensitive to their local environment.
  • Once incorporated, SmartCelleTMmaintains insoluble drugs in a stable, non-crystalline or ‘amorphous’ form even at elevated temperatures.
  • SmartCelle formulations generate low viscosity, high concentration solutions in water allowing large amounts of drug to be injected in very small volumes.
  • After injection, SmartCelle micelles begin to disperse releasing drug in a soluble form within the blood stream allowing efficacious blood concentrations to be achieved quickly.
  • Most importantly, the unique structure of SmartCelleTM micelles allows sustained levels of drug in the blood, reducing peak concentrations and increasing exposure up to three fold.
  • Such ‘pharmacokinetics’ allow reduced dosing frequency, a lower toxicity profile and, in the case of PPI-1501, an increased opioid sparing potential.
  • Due to their nano-scale SmartCelle micelles can be sterilized easily by simple filtration rather than the costly and problematic autoclaving required by some delivery technologies.
  • SmartCelle copolymers are made from FDA approved materials that have been shown in animal studies to be well tolerated even at very high concentrations.
  • Formulation is a simple two- step process in most cases and high stability is ensured by lyophilization.


[1] Including analgesics (such as flurbiprofen and celecoxib), anaesthetics (such as propofol) and anticancer drugs such as toxols and camptothecins.