About PPI

PPI is a privately held pharmaceutical company leveraging its SmartCelle drug delivery technology to develop and validate novel low volume injectable products via human proof of principle studies.

SmartCelle technology with its proven ability to deliver highly insoluble drugs rapidly at high concentration has broad application for all therapeutic areas. PPI is focusing, initially, on the underserved area of postoperative pain.

PPI’s lead candidate PPI-1501 is the first intravenous formulation of the internationally approved but highly insoluble NSAID Flurbiprofen. In tablet form Flurbiprofen is indicated in North America and Europe for arthritis and in the UK for postoperative pain. The insolubility of Flurbiprofen has previously prevented its development as a low volume parenteral formulation. PPI-1501delivers Flurbiprofen at high concentration in low volume and sustains drugs levels in the blood. Such features enable reducing dosing frequency, improved tolerability and, most importantly, enhanced opioid sparing.

PPI is led by a seasoned team of pharmaceutical professionals with a strong background in start-up to commercialization companies.

PPI is also a virtual company. All operations are managed through contract development, manufacturing and clinical organisations.

PPI is seeking to out-license its validated product candidates post Phase II proof-of-concept clinical studies.